Cassini is founded in 2016, our mission is to “Unlocking business potential using Artificial intelligence.”
We operate globally using the latest communication technologies to work Corona-proof and remote. There is no need to spend extra money for expensive flights and luxurious meals, we use this investment to deliver results!

We ensure our customers will save time and find opportunities to deliver their businesses better. It doesn’t matter in which industry you are, data is getting more important and the capabilities to find value is evermore increasing. 
Modern organizations struggle to find this value in their data, we see;
– Legacy sytsems blocking data access.
– High learning curves and huge investments to start Ai.
– A lack of resources and time to dive into data. 

We make the path to business value clear, visible and actionable at a fraction of the costs from the market by leveraging Artificial Intelligence and re-use proven models, cloud solutions and standard tooling to create insights. 

Do not hesitate and reach out to us for more information.



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