Big Data landschap

To get an overview over Technology and Companies in a particular space I like Infograph pictures. One that I came across today was about BigData. (original at ). Likes(0)Dislikes(0)


One of the challenges that we are now facing is the data-transport from the sensors to the application (presentation to the users). The technologies available are still under development and there are still too much vendors. On this webpage we found an interesting picture to illustrate the choices. In Read more…

Internet of Things Landscape

When searching the internet of browsing on Pinterest you come across interesting pictures and figures. So also this one about the “Landscape of Internet of Things 2016”. Difficult to find the original source, but I believe it is ). Likes(0)Dislikes(0)

Arduino setup and build

After buying the Arduino and some sensors/components the experiments could start. This is what I bought and why: The Arduino One, starterkit. This includes the board, leds,¬†wires, resistors¬†and a few sensors (temperature, lightsensor) Breadboard Transparant Housing for the Arduino Because I wanted to create a board for measuring airquality for Read more…