On the university Statistics was an important aspect of my Studies. Also at my first job this still was important for my duties. We used SAS and SPSS for the statistical analyses.

But after changing jobs Statistics became less important for me. Yes, we did some minor regression things, but management information was far more about presenting data in reports and dashboard.

With the upcoming MachineLearning and the Internet of Things, I became again interested in statistics. I wanted to get my knowledge about these subject back on track.
During a search on the internet I noticed the Coursera Course “Machine Learning” from Stanfort University. Because this was a online Course I could do this in my own time and speed.

I can recommend this course for people interested in the statistics behind Machine Learning. With MatLab and Octave as tools and Andrew NG as teacher I enjoyed learning about Machine Learning.
I was also surprised about how much knowledge was still hidden somewhere in me, even after so many years.

I finished this course in 2015 ( Stanford University – Machine Learning )




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