MachineLearning and choices …

After my Machine Learning course on Coursera I wanted to get to the practical site of Machine Learning. On the internet I noticed that there are more or less two different data science streams. One is using “R” and the other is using “Python”. Of course there are more (like Matlab, SAS, C# etc.), but the main stream was the two mentioned.

I’m working for a Microsoft Partner in the Netherlands. When I was in Seattle at Microsoft I noticed that “R” was becoming important for Microsoft also. In the Azure Machine Learning services R is also used. So I choice for R as the next step.

Because of my previous experience with Coursera, I looked there for the next course. I’m now following the course from Johns Hopkins University about Data Scientist( ). One of the interesting things for me was (beside learning R) that the teachers are using this in practice for Healthcare. And that is one of the main businesses where my employer is active in. So maybe I get good examples from that field of interest



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