I’m a fan of Microsoft’s PowerBi. It is an powerful tool to make dashboards an do analyses.

I use this also in my work. I’ve build Spendanalyses for financials with it, that did gave us great insights about the financials. But also for ICT departments you can build useful dashboards like mapping of WiFi usage on the buildings, analyses of Incident management system (like Topdesk).

In PowerBi Microsoft implemented also an R implementation. This implementation uses your local installed R and captured the graphical output on PowerBi. One of the interesting things about it, is dat it still interacts with the complete dashboard.

PowerBi and R

In the example above I try to explain this. In PowerBi you can read data from many sources. This one is about Air pollution in the USA (example also used in the data science course from Johns Hopkins that I’m currently follow). In this beta R implementation you can use that data for the analyses in R. The graphs in the middle are R generated Graphs. The nice thing is that selection boxes, interactions on the dashboard also change the R-graphs. So you get interactive dashboards with R, how cool is that … 🙂



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